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Gioteen Monte!
Gioteen Monte is an MT5 expert advisor that predicts 40 future candles based on the Monte Carlo algorithm.

To get the trial version of this EA, you should do the following steps:
  1. Register in FXFORECASTING.COM (it is absolutely free)
  2. Download Gioteen Monte from:
  3. Watch this video tutorial and set the EA

  4. Click on predict and start using it in your trading decisions!
How to trade with Gioteen Monte?

Using this tool is very easy and straightforward. You can use it in your own way, but these are some suggestions:
  • We usually do not enter the market instantly based on prediction. We instead let the market shows its hand!
  • We carefully monitor price action against the predicted chart or set alarms or place pending orders at expected swings.
  • We strongly suggest you use the signals always with stop-loss. Also, you can combine this with your own trading strategy to even get better results!

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